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Head Trash

How To Earn What You're Worth
Description: The first book in the Freelance Fastlane series | Savvy freelancers know that all success must be worked for, and by study and preparation, are in a position to be sure of success from the start. Many others, however, don't have their mind properly in the game. This book addresses their head trash and how to remedy the issues holding freelancers back.

Expected Release Date: January, 2018 | DreamGiver Books | Pending on Amazon

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ReLaunch Code

Blast Through Your Growth Ceilings
Description: Growth ceilings are an inevitable and beneficial part of the business cycle. It's how the business and marketplace catch their breath. Of critical importance, however, is how the business responds to the Growth Ceiling and how long it stays there. Failure to recognize it, or failure to respond correctly could spell disaster or demise for the business.

Published in 2017 | DreamGiver Books | Available on Amazon


Susan's Song

The Breast Cancer Diary
Description: A compelling diary-style collection of personal email updates reflecting the four-year journey of a Christian woman who received a catastrophic breast cancer diagnosis. Live each day and month through her eyes and heart as she publicly shared each transition with her large network of friends.

Limited Edition in 2007 | Now available only from collectors

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The Giraffe Principles

How To Grow A Business That Rises Above The Crowd
Description: A guide that bypasses the "fluff" and takes the guesswork out of marketing. The Giraffe Principles introduces 12 masterful marketing strategies that will help a business grow faster, easier and with less risk. The Giraffe Principles will guide you out of the competitive marketing jungle and onto the wide-open plains of greatest opportunity.

Limited Edition in 1999 | Now available only from collectors