Some Things You Might Like To Know About Me

SNAPSHOT: I teach people how to create more wealth by relaunching their personal and business brands ★ Actively writing a series of marketing books.

WHY TO KNOW ME: I believe that many entrepreneurs would have businesses worth much more money, and provide much more personal profit, if they simply knew how to stop the "Piñata Marketing" guesswork and built a "Scientific Marketing" system that puts business development and sales on reliable autopilot.

MY MANTRA: We have two ends with a common link. With one we sit. With one we think. Success depends upon which we use. Heads we win. Tails we lose.

MY COMPANIES: I'm President of BizTrek (, which provides online training to help entrepreneurs learn the ReLaunch Formula, blast through their wealth ceiling, and quickly boost brand profits. ★ I'm President of VizChek (, which publishes free visitor checklists to help travelers see the sights worth seeing and discover the best experiences in the best places.

MY LIFE: I spend my time either writing my books or mentoring high-potential entrepreneurs through their wealth ceilings. I'm also a chronic tourist who loves exploring and hiking.

MY SECRET: There's only one thing in life --- and you'd better know what that one thing is! Feel free to ask me about it.

About The Lion

Many people have asked about the lion icon visible on the upper left corner of every web page and on my business cards. So here's the story. Years ago, I delved into my family's ancestry (traced back to 1560) and in the process discovered the Gerretsen Family Coat of Arms (below). I liked the symbolism of the lions (Lion of God) on the shield and adopted it as a type of personal "logo." In like manner, you'll see the seven pointed star from the bottom of the shield integrated into the logo of, which is one of my companies.

Gerretsen Family Coat Of Arms

Note: Coat of Arms also applies to old Dutch family name spelled as Gerritsen