The "Confident Consulting" Book Series

Hello, and welcome,

Work on my FIFTH book is now underway. It is the 2nd book of the "Confident Consulting" series, which will ultimately include about 10 volumes, each devoted to a crucial element in the art and science of building a lucrative consulting practice.

This web site lets you take a peek at my writings and participate in the creative process.

People have said my style is a little different than most, and I agree. Many years ago, I took a cue from Ernest Hemingway to dispense with flowery adjectives and just get straight to the point. I've always hated writers who keep rehashing the same ideas and swore I would never be like them.

In today's rapid fire world, I think this approach works better than the ways we were taught in school. It certainly reflects my personality and personal preference too!

You will discover that my books are uniquely segmented into free-standing thoughts and ideas that can each be digested within a minute or two. However, there is a flow to each message that builds on the one before it, much like the composers of old built musical masterpieces that rose to the grand finale.

There is one other thing I do differently with my books -- I create them in THREE stages:

  1. First, I write them online here for review and discussion by my Book Brigade.
  2. Next, I issue each new volume as an ebook available through leading online booksellers.
  3. Finally, when the time is right, I will create a limited edition print version.

If you are a consultant who wants a better life, then I'd love to be part of your world. I hope you'd like to be part of mine.

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